Flint and Denbigh blatantly hunting in-between looking for their hounds.

Hit report 11/10/22
Blatant hunting in-between looking for their hounds……

With nobody wanting to host the Flint and Denbigh hunt today, they once again had to do a kennel meet, even the riders who don’t come across as fun people looked completely bored at the idea of the 3rd meet in Cefn Meiriadog since September. Who knows where the “trail layers” get their instructions from but it seems like they are a complete separate event to the hunt. Wearing their green bibs with “line layers” wrote on then because that’s going to fool us, they headed off and rode in circles around the edges of fields that the hunt didn’t even bother going near.

This hound loves our drone.

With the “trail layers” still going in circles around the fields like a haunted carousel, the hunt had crossed the river, with the “trail layers” still on the other side. At this point the hounds picked up on the scent of a fox and the huntsman Rob Medcalf hunted them on, as the fox ran for cover, the huntsman used hollering calls and made burring sounds to try flush the fox out. We drove around the other side the river where whipper-in Wilby had been left stood on-point waiting to send the fox back in the direction on the hounds. Wilby is a little bit shy and moved off once he was joined by sabs. Medcalf soon appeared and gave Wilby his daily bollocking for not being on-point.

He also loves sabs.

The hunt then headed to Bôd ysgawen Isaf, and the “trail layers”? We don’t know, apart from they hadn’t come up this way, probably still bobbing up and down in circles somewhere. The huntsman thinking he wasn’t being watched then cast his hounds into another woodland as the field riders stood on-point, this was a short lived attempt as sabs then moved them on and back towards the woodland they’d just come from. The magical mystery trail layers had now been spotted but absolutely nowhere near where the hunt were going. The hounds had decided they too were bored of this and had gone off doing their own thing. The hunt trying to find the lost hounds headed towards Cefn Berain going back and forth wonder where the hell the hounds had gone before looping back to attempt to hunt the same area for the 3rd time. A couple of field riders had managed to find the “trail layers” and escorted them safely back to their horse boxes. The huntsman went back and forth between Nant ysgawen and Nant y Coed searching for his lost hounds whilst being watched by our drone. Some of the lost hounds were on the road by now and more interested in getting a fuss off the sabs. And who can blame them, clearly these hounds are not well looked after and are riddled in fleas. Nige Cox came to collect one of the hounds from the road and “joked” it would be shot, obviously Nige was looking for a reaction from sabs and he doesn’t own a gun licence since the time he shot a hole through the radiator of an occupied sab vehicle…

Robert Medcalfs shitshow

The hunt went back to the kennels with hounds still missing, some of which came running down the road later, passing a police car, who once again witnessed the pack out of control on public highways.

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