Flint and Denbigh hunt why do they even bother

Hit report 22/10/22
You’ll never guess where the Flint and Denbigh hunt met this morning? Ok yes you are right Cefn Meiriadog once again…. it must be getting difficult for the field riders to pretend they are enjoying this….

Rob Smith looking as hard as ever…..

We thought we’d stay out of view for 15 minutes to hopefully catch the hunt off guard, which seemed to work, by 8.15am thinking we weren’t there the hounds picked up on a scent near Coedfron, with sabs now making their presence know the hunt quickly rounded up the hounds as the riders headed towards the huntsman only to be told to go back to where they’d just come from. The hunt headed through Coed Esgob and Coed y Cord but were unable the hold up with sabs following. They then headed to Hendy farm, but when the hunt crossed the road to Cae Llwyd some of the hounds picked up on a scent of another fox, shouts of “LEAVE IT” by sabs alerted the hunt we were aware they’d picked up and the hunt immediately called the hounds back using cracks of their whips. As they headed over the tops of Cae Llwys they’d once again lost their hounds, dangerously out of control on a public highway. When they came down the other side they then headed along the road for a while before cutting down to the river, an usually route, maybe they’ve lost more land? If this continues it’s not going to be worth them leaving the kennels. We headed to the other side the river to cut them off but they didn’t even cross and doubled back through Coed yr Accar and back to the meet point by 10.20am and packed up. A very uneventful day was had by all. The highlight of the day was probably Rob the terrier mans new look after spending a fortune at the salon.

keeping then moving on

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