Flint and Denbigh hunt opening meet ruined.

Hit report 29/10/22
As predicable as ever the Flint and Denbigh hunt hosted their open meet at Plas Newydd in Trefnant owned by the oddball Griffiths family. The Flint and Denbigh rounded up everyone they know who owns a flat cap and tweed jacket, including everyones least favourite County Councillor John Ed Lloyd-Ellis. We’ve not seen much of the red faced Councillor in the last 3 years since he was laughed out of court after making false allegations against sabs, sadly though he hasn’t changed.

Trelawnyd and Gwaenysgor Councillor Ed Lloyd-Ellis telling the police how to do their job.

We were joined by our good friends Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs and as we waited by the entrance to Plas Newydd waiting to see which way the hunt were heading, Ed decided to put on one of his trademark shows…. He marched over in his typical arrogant manner and introduced himself to a police officer as if he’s somebody of importance. He then went on for 5minutes explaining the full regulations of flying a drone, obviously our drone over the estate had him worried. The officer checked our licence and was happy no offence had been committed. By how the terrier men were parked on the driveway of the estate and were trying to stop sabs from filming the terrier box on the front of their quad. Sabs were soon jointed by the police who also wanted to see inside the box. Rob the terrier man was fuming, and was barking at the police officers to get the sabs to step away before he’d show them what was in the box. As the police checked out the box and questioned Smith to why he’d need terriers on what he was claiming to be a “trail hunt” the hunt set off. Lloyd-Ellis still hadn’t made a big enough fool of himself though and started to try and throw his weight around but had no success. Members of the public have reported to us a short bloke wearing a flat cap in handcuffs next to 2 police cars outside the gates of Plas Newydd, hopefully we’ll find out more about that….

nowhere to hide for Robert Medcalf.

The hunt did a lap of Plas Newydd before crossing the road to Plas Heaton estate. The hunt now thinking they’d lost us casted the hounds into a cover whilst the whippers stood on-point waiting for foxes to be flushed. Unfortunately for the hunt with a large presence of sabs they hadn’t lost us, and couldn’t shake us off all day. The hunt moved off to the next woodland at Cau Draen at which point they did pick up on a fox, but once again they soon realised they were surrounded by sabs, as Rob Medcalf had to eventually call the hounds off. The hunt then headed down the road back through Plas Newydd then crossed the A525 causing traffic to stop, before heading towards Perthewig Farm. The hunt supporters including the Griffiths had congregated around Perthewig and were becoming irate, still rabbiting on about our drones. The hunt had numerous quad bikes out with them who were trying to hide the fact they had spades with them. The hunt stopped at Perthewig farm as Pat handed our shots of port she’s brought from Aldi’s that morning.


After about 20minutes the hunt set off again and headed towards the dismantled railway line next to Bodfari Road where they’d killed a fox last year. Fully aware of their plans, sabs got ahead of the hunt and doused the area in citronella spray to mask the scent of any foxes. The hunt unaware that we were 2 steps ahead of them, send the terrier men and whipper-in ahead to try spot a fox being flushed. On realising we were already waiting for them the hunt turned back and crossed Bodfari Road onto the Denbigh Green side of the dismantled railway, Huntsman Medcalf still fuming about drones…. By now the hunts numbers were dwindling and more sabs were turning up. The hunt crossed the road towards Tyddyn Lunt farm but were out of ideas and swamped by sabs. Most the riders headed back to pack up, the huntsman and hunt staff headed towards Perthewig Farm where the hound van was parked up. The hunt supporters were letting their frustrations get the better of them. All stood in a row at a gate stopping sabs from leaving a field. At this point there was what is legally referred to as a
“Common assault”. We’re sure Liam will soon be hearing from the police. Sabs stayed in the area to make sure the huntsman had taken the hounds home after a massively successful day for our sab groups and the foxes.

Robert Medcalf about to burst into tears after an awful day.

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