The Flint and Denbigh blatantly hunt foxes

Hit report November 1st 2022.

With Halloween only being last night we were half hoping the Flint and Denbigh hunt would have been too tired to go out today after a busy night haunting… But unfortunately not.

Their stupidity doesn’t often shock up, however when they unboxed at the side of a road right next to the A55 in Rhuallt (land owned by Bodrhyddan Hall if you want to contact them) it does make you think maybe they are as dense as they look. They’d also blocked access to nearby properties and were rude to a property owner when she pointed this out to them. They then rode off to meet in a muddy field, oh the prestige! It was obvious they weren’t using their “smokescreen” today with no sign of the green bibs with the words “trail layers” on the back. Together with the lack of terrier boxes on the quads fallowing police questioning on Saturday, we’d hoped maybe we’d be in for an easy day, however we were very wrong.


They headed up Cwm Mountain and down the other side, so far so good. A member of the public walking her dog let her feelings know with shouts of “Shame on you all” and “look at the choices you’ve made with your lives”. But on entering fields the hounds went into cry after picking up on a scent. As hounds ran through a woodland in pursuit, Pat still in full Halloween attire barged through field riders in the hope of seeing a fox being tore to bits. It appears the fox had gone to ground with hounds barking in the thick overgrowth to indicate this may have been the case, we could not get through the brambles to see what they were barking at. The hunt moved off and soon went into cry again as they picked up on another fox! For a few minutes they gave change until sabs got ahead of the hounds to use horn calls to take the pack of hounds off the huntsman Robert Medcalf and more importantly off the scent of the fox. With 3 sabs using horn calls against Medcalfs blows it took him a while to get control back of the pack.

To terriers today Rob?

The hunt headed down the road and entered land opposite the entrance of Bodrhyddan Hall before realising they’d been intercepted by sabs and turning back to head for the river. The hunt now picked up on another fox, as Rob Medcalf blew away to signal a chase, no excuse that they could have been on a “trail” considering they’d forgotten to pretend to lay any. With the hunt moving at a fast pace we knew we couldn’t catch them on foot so drove further on to try cut them off. We enter on a footpath and found the hunt still chasing the fox right towards us! As the hounds in full cry ran into a woodland the huntsman appeared and was shocked to find us calling the hounds off. The huntsman now cr@pping it, vigorously cracked his whip to try call the hounds out. The whipped was heard on his radio altering the huntsman a fox had been seen and the huntsman screaming back “you’re too slow!”. The field riders had turned up by now and were disgusted sabs had stopped them, one saying “oh this just isn’t on”. The hounds had chased the fox to ground and were all over the earth, a sab was right next to the earth where conveniently a dead sheep had been left. So much for claiming pest control when they are feeding the foxes so they have them to hunt.

Robert Medcalfs after chasing another fox.

The huntsman moved off leaving the whipper-in to try call the remaining hounds back. But once again the hounds picked up on a scent by the river. With sabs following we presume the hunt had lost this one before heading back to pack up next to the A55.

whipper-in Will Deague “Wilby”

We’ve had vehicle difficulties so thank you so kindly for all your donations. We’ll put the donations link in the comment below. And please try not have nightmares.

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