Hit report 19/11/22

With nobody wanting to host the Flint and Denbigh hunt once again they had to ruin the scenery of Trefnant with their ghastly presence. The hound van was parked at Green Isa and the rest of the hunt headed to Perthewig Farm ready for their day of tormenting wildlife. We let the hunt think we were coming, by staying out their way until 11am, it was worth it to see the joy of a sab free day drain from their faces once they realised we were there. The hunt thinking we weren’t there started by trying to hunt foxes in Perthewig woods, both the whippers were sent to stand on-point on fox runs at the edge of the wood. But on realising they had sabs with them, and our good friends Shropshire Hunt Saboteurs on their way to join us the hunt pulled the hounds from the woods and headed into the fields at pace.

Flint and Denbighs Fetherstonehaugh and Briggs furious that sabs stop them hunting a fox.

We had more police than usual, probably following the assault last week, unfortunately the police officers hadn’t heard from the rural crime team either, and didn’t know where they were or where they’d been hiding all season. The hunt crossed Bodfari Road and headed towards Tyddyn Lunt farm and crossing the A525 causing their usual disruption on the road and into Plas Newydd Estate which is owned by the Griffiths, thankfully we didn’t bump into them as they are real strange…
Huntsman Robert Medcalf knows all the areas he’s likely to come across a fox and soon headed towards a badger sett that had conveniently been filled in, with the hounds sniffing all over the badger sett sabs gave a blast on the horn to raise their noses, to the annoyance of the huntsman who directed his swearing at the sabs, making a nice change for the whipper-in who’s usual on the wrong end of them. The hunt then headed back across the A525 as if they hadn’t caused enough mayhem the first time, back through Tyddyn Lunt and towards Denbigh Green. Medcalf tried to hunt down near the river and the hounds did pick up on the scent of a fox before he realised there was a drone above him and had to call the hounds back, before heading back to Perthewig Farm for some stale cake, we are just presuming it was stale by the looks on their faces.

Toby Dunn can’t get through

The hunt set off again and how they’d ditched some of the riders they cause really got on with their criminal activities. Back across the A525 into Plas Newydd and the huntsman sent the hounds into Greenfield Gorse. Both whippers stood on-point either side and the field riders are the other end waiting for a fox to be flushed towards them. A deer was flushed first but then hounds were heard picking up on a scent and the fox was seen and filmed along the fence line. Sabs attempted the hounds the hounds to the opposite side from the fox, by now Davina was livid that we wouldn’t let them kill foxes, if there was a photo of self-entitlement in the dictionary it would be of Davina. As the fox ran in the direction of the field riders they shouted and screamed at the fox to attempt to turn it back into the hounds, unfortunately for the sc#mbags Shropshire Sabs were already in place to call the hounds into the field allowing the fox to escape.

Flint and Denbigh hunt always blocking roads

It appears the fox had run across the Upper Denbigh Road into Plas Heaton as the hunt headed that way and Robert Medcalf cast his hounds into every bit cover looking for the fox. As the hunt headed from Coed y Plas towards Coed Mawr they did pick up on the fox as the hounds went into cry across the fields. The fox was seem fleeing from a hedge row with hounds not far behind… unfortunately for the hunt they’d run into more sabs who’d anticipated their route. With the hounds sniffing at the hedgerow the hunt had to call a stop to the chase before heading back to pack up by 3pm.

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