2 Foxes saved and attempted trespass from the Flint and Denbigh hunt

Hit report 15/11/22

The Flint and Denbigh hunt met today in Llandyrnog, it’s hard to put an exact location of the meet as half the horseboxes parked at the Kinmel Arms, however Google says the pub is permanently closed (clearly a real business would have nothing to do with them) the rest of the rabble parked at Glan yr Wern farm and the landowner wasn’t to please to see us…..

you’d think they’d have something better to do

One vehicle had located the hunt headed to Glyn Arthur and onto the Offas Dyke path, land in this area is owned by both Denbighshire Council and Flintshire Council who’ve both informed us the hunt are not welcome, not even on the bridleways, and it wasn’t long before dog walkers told us how much they didn’t like the hunt. Our second vehicle has driven to the opposite side of Moel Arthur in anticipation of the hunt coming straight over, and as predictable as ever that’s exactly what they did.

This hunt use the full Hankinson smokescreen and send out a coupon riders wearing green bibs to pretend to lay trails, unfortunately for the smokescreen trail layers they’d now trespassed onto Natural Resources Wales land and were pretending to lay trails there…. despite a complete ban on “trail hunting” on this land. As we waited to catch the rest of the hunt on Natural Resources land we were unfortunately spotted by the huntsman Robert Medcalf as he made his way down the Offas Dyke footpath. He then started his usual barged of abuse at the useless whipper-in Wilby. Some of the hounds had in fact crossed the road onto Natural Resources land, Medcalf never to blame started the daily rants… “Will I’m sick of telling ya, the hounds are not to go onto the road and we do not go on that bridleways!”… hmm maybe he should have mentioned that the smokescreen layers?

nobody wants to host the Flint and Denbigh hunt

We walked the hunt back onto the road, then spent over 40mins following them along the tarmac, as clearly we’d ruined their day of trespassing. With hounds all over the road causing traffic to stop we’d hoped for a nice easy day. Sadly this lot just can’t behave themselves though. They entered fields near Glan y Wern bridge, and by now the smokescreen trail layers had turned up to pretend to lay trails absolutely nowhere near the hunt. The field riders stayed back as the huntsman cast the hounds into a woodland. At this point one of the footsabs situated one side on the woodland saw a fox flee as the hounds picked up on a scent, another sab on the otherside the woodland saw a second fox break as hounds appeared to be marking to ground suggesting they were on a fox earth. The lines of the foxes were masked with citronella and some cracks of the whip stopped the hounds following those lines. Will Deague the whipper-in was informed by us we had got all this on film and he nervously tried to round to hounds up.

with no land to go on they head for the tarmac

The hunt left the area and briefly picked up on another scent, as we drove around back towards the meet the riders were already packing up and leaving, the hunt supporters were nowhere to be seen all day, possibly at a meeting of the Cefn Meiriadog Doggers Society.

Thanks for keeping in the fields with your kind donation, we’ll stick the donations link in the comment below.

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