The Flint and Denbigh hunt a fox and assault a sab

Hit report 12/11/22
Foxes illegally hunted and assaults at the Flint and Denbigh hunt.

Joined by our friends from Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs and Lancashire Huntsabs we paid a visit to the Flint and Denbigh hunt who were meeting at 11am in Cefn Meiriadog, one of the very few places they have left.

sabbing the F&D

The hunt took an unusual route making themselves look more chaotic that usual, if that’s possible. As the hunt headed in a Westerly direction from Tyn y Ffordd Farm a fox appeared from right where the terrier men were. The fox ran East in the direction the hunt had just came from. The huntsman hunted then on as the fox ran through a garden and towards the sewerage works followed by the hounds, the fox then turned back on itself and ran towards Cefn Farm, the direction the hunt were originally heading in. Luckily for the fox it had ran in the direction on more sabs who had sprayed the area and line of the fox with citronella. When the hounds came towards the sabs they were stopped in their tracks as they couldn’t find the scent of the fox!

Fetherstonehaugh telling the cops she doesn’t like the sabs saving foxes.

In the middle of all that a sab was assaulted and attempts were make to steal his equipment as hunt members attempted to stop the sab from helping the fox escape. We won’t say too much about it as this is now a police matter, one of the hunt members involved had already been aggressive earlier in the day. By now hounds were all over the place like typical Flint and Denbigh hunt chaos. The huntsman Robert Medcalf spent an awful long time trying to get his hounds back whilst screaming at his whipper-in.
The hunt eventually make their way to the area the fox had fleet but were unable to pick up on the foxes scent again, the hunt then headed back to the kennels for a half time port…. that’s all we need this lot intoxicated.

The soft underbelly.

The hunt then left the kennels via a side gate and headed down towards the river, but didn’t bother crossing the river and instead doubled back. With sabs everywhere and a drone above the hunt moet the day the hunt grew even more frustrated, the terrier men in particular were letting their frustrations get the get the better of them. The hunt headed back to the sewerage works where they’d chased the fox to earlier and the field riders were stood on-point waiting for a fox to be flushed. Unfortunately for them sabs moved them off and the huntsman had run out of ideas and he said his good byes before packing up early.

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