Hit report 29/11/22

On Tuesday November 29th we witnessed some of the most bias corrupt pro hunt policing you could ever see.

A tip off came in that numerous horseboxes belonging to the Wynnstay hunt were seen heading in the direction of Bridge farm in Pickhill Wrexham, a meet we know so we decided to head over to help our friends Cheshire Monitors. The first part of the day was pretty uneventful, field riders and supporters were spread out and nowhere near the huntsman who’d run off to hide. We’d seen a police officer who informed us he was there to keep the peace and told us we are free to film in public areas and that the police wouldn’t be getting involved in allegations of trespass as it’s a civil matter and claimed he’d informed the hunts security to stay away from us as there’s ongoing investigations into their threats of violence. The security thugs however didn’t stay away from us and started following our vehicle, but we managed to shake them off so we could put our drone up to keep tabs on the hunt.

Wynnstay hunt security thugs

We’d seen very little of the hounds but we’d located them with the huntsman hiding down by the river as we filmed them from a distance due to flooded fields. At this point the hunt security in their masks and balaclavas were following footsabs down the public road in their vehicle. When a sab turned around with his handheld camera to make sure the vehicle wasn’t going to drive into the back of him, the driver of the vehicle jumped out making threats of violence. This was immediately called in to the police.
Knowing the route this hunt took last time we were here we decided to situate ourselves near Sutton Green and intercept the hunt who we’d seen heading in this direction. We positioned ourselves and awaited the hunt, whilst being watch by the security thugs. At this point an unmarked police car turned up along with another police car driven by the officer we’d previously seen that morning. The officer from that morning told us he’d asked the security to leave the area, footage was shown to the officer of the threat of violence but the officer then started to defend the actions of the security thugs, even claiming that the paid thugs were just local farmers. Whilst this was going on hunt support had turned by along with terrier men. The hounds could be heard in cry and onto the scent of a fox. We made it clear to the police that a fox was being hunted. The sound of the hounds in cry was coming right for us through a thick coppice. We spread out along a track and stepped back awaiting the fox to be flushed so that we could then attempt to rate the hounds back and allow the fox to flee. As the sound of the hounds got louder the fox popped out the coppice right in front of the police! The fox didn’t head over the track where we were waiting to stop the hounds but turned and ran through a garden, a couple of sabs followed as others took another route to try intercept the hounds. The hounds had chased the fox straight through the garden and were now chasing the fox in the distance across fields. Officers had now entered the garden too, and with hounds still in full cry giving chase across the fields one of the officers said “this is a garden, you’re trespass do you mind leaving”…. totally ignoring the blatant hunting he’s witnessing and the fox that had just moments before bolted in front of him. Clearly this officer who was now trespassing himself hasn’t a clue that civil matters have nothing to do with him, plus the fact we were there to stop an illegal activity that he had also witnessed.

useless coppers

The fox had appeared to have escaped as Chris Woodward the huntsman finally attempted to round up his hounds. But once again the hounds picked up on the scent of the fox who was now heading in the opposite direction, as we made our ways through the flooded fields to try catch up it would seem the hunt had again lost the fox.

Wynnstay riders out to see a fox ripped to bits

By now another 2 officers had turned up and were looking rather confused as to what was going on. The first cop then explained to the others his opinion on the situation which was something out of the countryside alliance book of fairy tales. He went on that the terrier men on quads were just farmers who follow the sabs because the sabs go around slashing types on the horseboxes, and that when the hunt accidentally get on a fox it’s very difficult to call them back…. Absolute make believe! Complaints have already gone in!

Jeremy Reed keeping bad company

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