Flint and Denbigh hunt supporter exposes himself.

Hit report 3/12/22
The Flint and Denbigh hunt foiled again.

Joined by friends from Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs Derby Hunt Saboteurs and Liverpool Hunt Sabs we paid a visit to the Flint and Denbigh hunt who met once again at Cefn Meiriadog highlighting their complete lack of land to hunt on.

Robert Medcalf not happy

Not long after leaving the meet they flushed a deer, and then spend some amount of time trying to round up the hounds. Two delinquents had seemingly self appointed themselves as hunt security for the day and one of them had exposed himself to our sabs. As the headed into Coed Yr Esgob a fox was seen fleeing the woodland, then the hounds picked up on the line of the fox but Robert Medcalf the huntsman after realising sabs were there got ahead of the hounds and actually stopped them. As Medcalf rounded up his hounds the delinquents started make threats to our sabs…. surprisingly and embarrassingly for the boys the huntsman told them to behave themselves and that was the last we saw of them as they sulked off. The hunt headed to Bedd Yr Carw and after coming back down from there the hounds were in cry again. But fortunately sabs were there and the hunt called them off. The hunt crossed to road to Coed Penwen where the whippers were stood on-point awaiting a fox to be flushed, but on once again realising they were surrounded the hunt moved off through Wigfair Hall and back to the kennels for refreshments, one sabs noticed the drinks looked like orange juice, hard times indeed.

sabs and the flasher

The hunt set off again and hounds picked up on another fox scent at Bryn Coed, they appeared to have lost this fox but when down to the river to try find it, after heading all along oneside of the river the hunt turned back and attempted to put the back on the linevof the fox in Bryn Coed but to no avail.
The hunt then headed back onto the top of Bedd Yr Carw as the whippers were left stood on-point at the bottom waiting for a fox to be flushed but once again sabs moved them on. The hunt headed to Coed Cord but still couldn’t shake off sabs nor our drone. The hunt called it a day at around 2.45pm

no escape for the F&D

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why is Will stood on-point again

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