Flint and Denbigh hunt have no land left.

Hit report 6/12/22
Flint and Denbigh hunt with no land left to hunt on!

The glamorous Flint and Denbigh hunt hound van pulled into a lay-by at the side of the road to unload in Gellifor this morning. The rest of the rabble either parked at the side of the road or at Pen Strydt in Gellifor right opposite a school… The didn’t leave the meet until around 11.15 and took to the tarmac, followed by sabs and the police, the police managing to stay on the hunt all day…. when the hunt finally entered an estate followed by sabs and the police it’s hard to say what was going on…. the hounds started to speak and we had hoped that this was a smokescreen trail for the benefit of the watching cops… but the hounds rioted all over the place and with sabs right there the whipper-in attempted to round the hounds, but as usual Wilby got a bollocking from the huntsman “Will you’re on another planet to me” Medcalf bemoaned, we are still unsure what he’d done wrong… within 5 minutes of entering the estate they left…

The Flint and Denbigh hunt hounds love sabs.

The hunt had crossed the road and attempted to hold up another woodland, but with sabs there they soon had to move on as again the huntsman blamed his whipper-in for his down fall. We followed them across land and they were then intercepted by our vehicle and the police, before they headed to Moel Arthur, land they know they are not welcome on…


Despite knowing Denbighshire Council and Flintshire Council have banned them off the land up here, not even allowed on the bridleways, the arrogant hunt ignored that. We drove to the opposite end of Moel Arthur to make sure they didn’t cross onto Nature Resources Wales land, the hunt seeing us and the police waiting stopped at the top to discuss their next move…. They eventually come to the road and reentered on a bridleway further down the road…. but again sabs and the police were waiting at the opposite end….

The hunt came down the opposite end again on the Offas Dyle trail which they ARE NOT ALLOWED ON! And headed for Gaels fawr farm… At which point was probably the most entertaining part of the day was when the bin men caught up with the hunt and left the huntsman know what a disgusting piece of work he is.. the huntsmans response didn’t make much sense…

Still no escape for the Flint and Denbigh hunt

The hunt then headed back and packed up by 1.45pm. We were then joined by locals who told us their thoughts about this horrible bunch.

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