Sabs run over and attacked at the Cheshire Hounds the day after Ollie Finnegan pleads guilty

Hit report 7/12/22

The Cheshire Hounds had rearrange their Tuesday meet to Wednesday as their huntsman Ollie Finnegan was busy on Tuesday pleading guilty to hunting offences.
No doubt by pleading guilty Finnegan was hoping the full extent of his crimes wouldn’t come out and also by doing so avoid some really awkward questions regarding the messages on his phone that the police had seized.

Ollie Finnegan illegally hunting the very next day.

We were fashionably late (around 11.30am) turning up at the meet in a field off Sheppenhall Lane in Newhall, near Burleydam. Fortunately our colleagues from Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs Cheshire Against Blood Sports and Independent monitors were already on scene. The hunt supporters were a dead giveaway to the hunts exact location and we managed to track down Finnegan just as he flushed a hare. It was obvious the hunt weren’t going to be taking it easy despite the conviction the day before. The huntsman had his hounds in covers as the whips and field riders stood on-point. With footsabs constantly with the huntsman they were able to radio through so our other vehicles could get ahead and cut off the hunt. Ollie Finnegan was growing more frustrated and when the hunt headed back to the road of Coole land he told his whipper-in to try told up our vehicles to allow him to escape, but sadly for Ollie that failed.

Violence at the Cheshire Hounds

My now the terrier men were driving erratically, one quad had 4 people on it and the other was driving right up our rear. The huntsman had tried to sneak ahead and head into a valley off back coole land, the whipper-in stood on-point in the field at the side of the woodland in the valley was a complete giveaway though. The suspicious behaviour caused us concern and our footsabs entered the field for a closer look as others headed round to the opposite end the valley, and found themselves confronted by one of the whips. As our sabs made their way across the fields the sound of the terrier quad racing up behind them make them turn around, at this point one sab was hit to the ground by the quad and run over, the slurry in the field actually came to the sabs rescue as he sank in it making the injuries less severe than they could have been. As sabs attempted to leave the field the terrier man continued to drive his quad at another sab and also assaulted the sab. Police were called and 3 police cars were on scene pretty quickly. The terrier man had fled and was later seen hiding in the back of a pick up at the meet point as the hunt packed up. The police have identified the terrier man and we expect things to move along quickly.

Illegal use of quads.

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