The Flint and Denbigh pony club

Many a person who innocently joined the pony club have come running back to us with gruesome stories.

Whilst it’s understandable that you’d want your child to join the pony club and learn to ride and be part of a group what they don’t really tell you is that the pony club is funding the illegal Flint and Denbigh fox hunt, and given the state of hunt, lack of land and members dropping out it’s pretty safe to sat it’s only the funding from the pony club that’s keeping thus barbaric illegal and cruel hunt still going.

One of the foxes the Flint and Denbigh killed in Trefnant November 2021

Whilst you may think “well my children don’t have to go fox hunting” they will be pressured into doing so, after all the purpose of the Flint and Denbigh pony club is to recruit youngsters to keep their sick sport going. During the hunting season the hunt will invite the pony club hunting with them at pony club meets and newcomer meets. One eye witness account of this was when a mother signed her daughter up to the pony club, the daughter was then invited along to a cub hunting meet (cubbing) or Autumn hunting as they like to dress it up as. It was clear to the child what was going on as the riders surrounded a woodland and the screaming of the fox being ripper to bits could be heard, this caused the child much trauma.

what when your children ask you why the police are there?

Of course the hunt will lie to your children and tell them it’s a “trail hunt” but since the hunting office openly admitted in their zoom webinar meeting that trail hunting is just a smokescreen for illegal fox hunting, nobody believes them anymore, not the police and not the landowners. One example recently was when a member of the pony club who’d been invited along on a hunt day at Mostyn estate recognised one of our sabs, she was quick to contact us to let us know she has nothing to do with fox hunting and the hunt had told her they’d be “trail laying”…….

What’s with the masked up terrier men, not really the type of people you’d want your children around.

It’s not just the barbaric illegal killing of foxes or the cruelty to the hounds and horses who are shot once they get a little too slow, but there’s also the violence and aggression you wouldn’t want your child to see.

Louise Shepherd one of the riding instructors here on a cub hunting meet kicking off as usual.

There’s been countless assaults on us by this hunt and now finally it looks like the police with be cracking down on it. It’s not only us either, members of the public have had run ins with this horrible lot, and pet cats have been killed by their hounds.

Bethan Jones the head of the pony club getting aggressive at a hunt meet after we saved 2 foxes in Llandyrnog

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