Stop NATO Cymru Day of Action against Militarism

On Friday, activists from Stop NATO Cymru conducted three different actions against an army recruitment centre in Cardiff and two weapons companies in London.

1) Stop NATO Cymru activists disrupted Cardiff’s army’s recruiting efforts, closing the capital city’s Army Recruitment Centre with a day long rooftop occupation to deprive them of a days worth of cannon fodder. They dropped banners in English and Welsh including “Our kids are not cannon fodder; Their kids are not collatoral damage” and “Pan mae’r cyfoethog yn mynd i ryfel, y tlawd sy’n marw”.

2) Stop NATO Cymru and supported by Palestine solidarity activist locked on to the front doors of arms dealers MBDA’s London HQ and prevented staff from coming in. They held the doors for the best part of the morning. MBDA is jointly owned by arms companies Airbus Group aka EADS (37.5%), BAE Systems (37.5%) and Finmecanica (25%). MBDA is a missile developer and manufacturer. Both BAE and Finmecanica supply arms to Israel including combat training jets, fighter aircraft training, and components for F16 fighter aircraft, which have been used to bomb Lebanese and Palestinian town and villages. In the last weeks during its vicious attacks on Gaza, Isreal has bombed playing children, family homes, schools, independent journalists, rescue vehicles and hospitals. BtYW40hIcAAYW7z

3) In solidarity with Stop NATO Cymru, anti-miltarist activists from Stop the Arms Fair entered the lobby and picketed the entrance to the London HQ of Airbus Group (aka EADS). Airbus Group is a major profiteer of war. They manufacture jets, drones (including some with nuclear warheads) and surveillance technology. It is the second largest arms producer in Europe and markets to authoritarian regimes such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kazakhstan. Airbus has recently announced new contracts worth £50mil, and have urged the arms industry to to take ‘full economic advantage’ of the Summit. The NATO summit is an opportunity for them to showcase its killing machines and increase its bloody business through NATO procurement. Stop NATO Cymru opposes the NATO war machine and the sale of arms for corporate profit. Full report with pictures to follow.

Stop NATO is a group of antimillitarist activists from South Wales and beyond that came together to oppose the NATO summit to be held in Newport in September. They are part of the Anarchist Action Network that has called for direct action against the Summit, against militarism and against the sale of arms for corpote profit.

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