Ledbury Hunt support chaos

Good to see some sense posted on Countryside Capers regarding the Ledbury Hunt (joint meet with South Shrops) on Friday – these photos were taken by a hunt supporter and photographer and show how chaotic the field were. The hedge damaged is on land owned by Master David Redvers and sabs have once before run in to offer first aid to a woman who had fallen jumping the hedge.

On Friday (when we were out with Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch and when we had our tyre slashed) sabs shouted at riders to stop jumping the hedge as we saw this horse fall upon landing. Several riders jumped before others stopped – some then rode round to a gate we opened for them. They couldn’t see the ground on this side, but, more importantly, they didn’t to look to see if the horse in front had safely landed before also jumping – they could have seriously injured the horses and riders who had come off.

Many of the riders had no patience and the field master had not stayed around to ensure members of the field had jumped safely. We saw one woman on a horse jump cleanly and confidently, further down the hedge from where the majority jumped too close together. One horse and rider. Out of the entire field. We’re happy to offer first aid to hounds, horses and people on any side of the debate. But we prefer not to have to.

We asked everyone we saw fall if they and the horses were ok. We later saw an ambulance leaving Tweenhills Stud (Redvers’ place) but Mark Meladay and Tim Pearce-May wouldn’t / couldn’t tell us if everyone was alright. Glad to hear she wasn’t more seriously hurt!

Video from rider


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