Hunts and the culls

A brief, but important, request as the cull looms closer.

Three Counties Sabs attend various hunt meets within the three counties – Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire – as well as communicating well with other groups sabotaging and monitoring fox and hare hunts in those counties.

If you are working in the Gloucestershire, Herefordshire or North Cotswolds badger cull zones in the coming months and spot hunting activity, please call us immediately on 07891 639803 or 07954 404702. Hunts in the three counties are prolific sett-blockers – we will be contacting those coordinating the anti-cull campaigns in the areas concerned when we hear of hunt meets so that nearby setts can be checked for signs of blocking and / or digging.

We need to know about sightings of hunts for intelligence gathering (knowing where and when hunts have hunted) and also in case we’re out in the field with them – we may be out with a hunt, lose sight of them and your phone call could mean we find them again! On a couple of occasions in the past a phone call from a local has meant we’ve stopped a dig-out or intervened to stop a fox being chased and that communication is vital to our effectiveness.

If you call us and it’s a hunt we’re not out with we can give you advice / information and if it’s hunt that another group such as Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch, the independent Hunt Monitors or West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs, who also work in the three counties, we can quickly pass on the info to the relevant people.

Thanks and good luck out there in the fields!

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