27th September: CVFH

In the last couple of weeks we’ve sabbed the Cotswold Vale Farmers’ Hunt Saturday, Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday… they don’t seem very happy to see us these days!

With a choice of hunts on Saturday, we passed over a Ross Harriers meet near Tretire to Bristol Hunt Saboteurs (check out their page and give ’em a like) and headed over to the Cottie Vale who were meeting just south of Newent, in the Gloucestershire cull zone. We met up with some West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs, Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs, a sab from NORTH Shropshire HUNT SABS and some independent badger cull sabs.

The hunt drew some coverts blank and hounds were distracted from a couple of scents that they picked up on in others. Terriermen Nick Hodges and Ben Hughes (also involved in the badger cull in Glos) were present and friendly (they like us really).

Towards the end of the meet we ended up in a maize field (in the cull zones in the morning there could easily be badgers in cages in maize fields… and sabs leaving the area when the hunt packed up came across a smashed one in the corner of the maize).

We’ll let NORTH Shropshire HUNT SABS’ video do more talking – check out their facebook page. In the meantime, we’ve nicked some pics from West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs.

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