15th October – Cotswold Hunt assaults

A brief report from the field at the Cotswold Hunt meet at Hartley Farm, just south of Cheltenham. Sabs attacked, camera stolen, blatant illegal cub hunting, ordinary people on footpaths intimidated as they were out rambling. Police now in attendance. 3C, North Shropshire and Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch all present.


“After a long day, starting with sabbing the Cotswold Hunt, then sorting through footage and statements, checking setts, finding a beagle pack illegally hunting, getting an injured pigeon to Vale Wildlife Hospital, then checking more setts, we’ve just about found enough internet to post this appeal finally:

Do you know any of these men? One claimed to be the landowner (and then he claimed to be the landowners’ brother when asked again) and the others are terriermen or supporters of the Cotswold Hunt. They met near to Seven Springs this morning, at Hartley Farm, where we caught them illegally cubhunting last month at an evening meet.

We, and the police, would like more information on these men in particular as they were either involved in a series of assaults on and thefts from sabs this morning or are believed to have evidence of the offences.

More details to come soon, but in the meantime please private message / call us with any information, anonymously if you prefer. We’d also like to speak to the person who gave us the tip-off about the hunt this morning – please call again (feel free to withhold your number again)”

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