1st November: CVFH Opening Meet

Report nicked from Bristol Hunt Sabs:

“It’s not often we get to go out mid-week, but we managed to fill our landy and head to Apperley this morning where the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt were having their opening meet of hunting season.

Joined by a sab from Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs we followed the hunt from the meet and watched as they tried to create a huge distance between us and them. In reality, it meant most of the riders and support were left scratching their heads as the huntsman took off.

Knowing the area well we figured where the hunt would head and we came up trumps. We watched two foxes running for their lives despite hunt supporters hollaring to the huntsman that they had been spotted. We covered their scent with citronella spray and the hounds came nowhere near as a result.

We stayed close monitoring the hunt for the rest of the day and even caught the hunts terrier-men armed with spades and terrier at the edge of a wood getting off their quad. Upon spotting us they masked up and sped off at a high speed. Up to no good boys?!

The hunt packed up shortly after and we headed home. A great result for local wildlife”

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