10th December: CVFH report

The Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt,
Aston Crews,
10th Dec 2016.

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We were joined by Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs, Bristol Hunt Saboteurs and South Wales Hunt Sabs for a meet of the Cotty Vile. After last weeks bad behaviour, we were hoping that good old Tin Tin had reined them in a little. How wrong we were.

Now, thanks to one of their riders very kindly admitting that they do in fact illegally hunt foxes, they dropped the pretence of trail hunting and went back to their usual blatant law breaking. Whilst the rain came down and Scatterpack tried in vain to pick up, we bumped into a few familiar faces. Good old Terry (joint master of the Ross Harriers) showed up, seems maybe the Harriers decided not to risk the conditions, especially after last weeks events where horse and rider had to be rescued by the fire brigade from a rather deep hole.

As Simon hunted the nature reserve next to cut throat lane, sabs saw a fox break and hounds soon started to speak. After a little rating and whipping back and some terribly colourful language from cami and the lovely Cathy G, we headed back up onto Linton ridge.

As the fog descended, Scatterpack made one final draw and hounds went into cry along the ridge. With sabs on the road whipping back, and huntsmen’s dummy’s being spat left, right and centre, the hunt resorted to type and rode sabs into the hedges, knocking one to the ground causing bruising to the face.

Sabs followed the hunt to the bottom of the ridge where the field were gathered along with a terrier quad, coincidentally right next to a line of badger setts. With Simon gathering in the next field and the light fading fast due to the fog, it seemed pretty clear that all was done for the day.

So not one of the Cottys finest days made worse by Scatterpack being quad biked away with Clamydia after yet another fall from his trusty steed.

Welsh Border Hunt Sabs

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