4th February – Three Counties Bloodhounds

Late post re Saturday 4th February. The Three Counties Bloodhounds met at Caradoc Estate in Herefordshire, at the heart of South Herefordshire Hunt country. As many will know the SHH are currently under investigation by the police re cruelty to fox cubs. However the point of the day, courtesy of Bryon John (Master of bloodhounds), Anne Brummer of Save me and the hunt supporters was to watch the Hounds ‘hunt the clean boot’.

There were 3 runners and 5 lines. We had been invited to attend as the local sab group and our sab Elaine ran all 5 lines with the other 2 runners. Many supporters from different locals packs attended the meet to see hunting which does not harm wildlife and we hope gave them something to consider as a way forward with no hounds on roads, no kills, no dig outs, no sett blocking, no trespassing and no sabbing.

It was a positive day and we were glad that we took part.

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