18th March – Beaufort Hunt

Saturday 18th March 2017, Beaufort closing meet. We began trying to find the CVFH to no avail and then joined our colleagues at Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch at the Beaufort who were by then at Hawkesbury Upton. Telescopic Tom from the Bicester was lurking about and at one stage he tried to block in the CIHW vehicle at Manor farm. Full report to follow but note the sewage on the hounds legs in the picture.

1. foxes run past and through things that smell strongly, such as muck and bonfires to try and lose the pack
2. why would a trail layer go through liquid faeces?
3. isn’t this a bit of a biosecurity risk?

Please also check out the report and photos from our good friends at Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch

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