12th January ’19 – North Cotswold Hunt

The hunt began by drawing Buckland wood before crossing to Mocho Farm, drawing blank there. A sab who was staking out a nearby artificial earth that had been recently visited by humans saw a leash (3 foxes) run past. They were subjected to a very aggressive rant and ridden into by a man who can be seen on the film – he claims to own the land so might be able to explain the artificial earth…

Hounds picked up on the line of the foxes and crossed the railway and the B4632 in pursuit of one of them. The driver drove around quickly to see hounds pile into a hedge, fearing the worst as they were also being blocked but it was a relief to see it was just wire hounds were trying to get through. With quads, horses and others around the hounds were rated as best as possible and they did not pick up on that scent again.

They went back over to Ryefield farm and drew blank at a few coverts there then went on to Stanway and hunted a fox onto the Gloucestershire / Warwickshire railway where they were for 5 minutes!

Then through Stanton and onto the hill. Sabs got up and found 2 couple of hounds doing their own thing and hunting a fox or a deer. They were stopped with a bit of rating. The hunt continued until dark, including rioting on deer. Car sab sprayed out the lines of several terrified animals with citronella. Eventually Ollie Dale the huntsman decided to finish up. As he called hounds a very odd squeak was heard which attracted hounds away from him. Sabs realised that it sounded like a deer, as did the terriermen and sure enough a terrified muntjac was caught up in wire. A quad bike got there before we did and released them from the wire.

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