19th March ’19 – CVFH

*** Cotswold Vale Farmer’s Hunt terriermen force fox out of pile of tyres * Bristol sabs attacked and cameras stolen * 3C sab whipped by huntsman ***

Tuesday 19th March 2019
Cotswold Vale Farmer’s hunt
Moat Farm, Sandhurst

At the meet senior master Mike Smith, currently being investigated for assaulting one of our sabs in October, made up some cock and bull story about “trails being laid”… less than half an hour later they were hunting a fox through a sheep field. Sabs were on hand to assist the fox.

Moving on and at Brawn Farm a fox had escaped into a large pile of tyres. The quad, driven by terrierman Ben Hughes, came past the 3C sab car at full speed and into the farm, where the terriermen then proceeded to evict the fox to be hunted again. Bristol sabs tried to stop the hounds when the fox broke from his refuge but were then grabbed, dragged and had 2 cameras stolen.

We left the area and tried to catch up with the pack. As a 999 call was in progress and we slowed hounds down near Mussell End, Gary Williams came hurtling along the road and whipped our sab driver.

Police attended quickly but the hunt had scarpered by then. We found them eventually as they were hunting a fox through Sandhurst village and put a stop to that by rating them back… but they picked up on the line again.

Gary William’s dulcet tones threatening armageddon and doom could be heard as he tried to continue hunting. We were then blocked in by some morons in a large horsebox. The day ended by Gary whipping our car in frustration.

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