Video from the archive: 30th January ’19 (NCH)

30th January 2019… hunt staff and hounds from the Bicester with Whaddon Chase came down to the North Cotswold Hunt’s country to hunt for the day alongside a handful of North Cots riders and supporters. Sabs had been out on foot with them all day when another was driving back from work and detoured through the area.

Hunt supporters didn’t recognise her at first and the supporter in this video shouted “Tally Ho” and pointed to indicate to hunt staff that he had seen a fox. Hounds were drawing through the wood to the right of the road and the fox had run across to the wood on the left. The rider, who was on point at a corner of the woods, rode up towards other hunt staff to alert them.

The sab followed and covered the line of the fox with a citronella spray – the rider told her that he had gone to stop the hounds from following the fox (but he did nothing when hounds were speaking within the trees and he didn’t even slow down traffic). The hunt supporter’s wife told us that they had been pointing out deer crossing the road because they thought ‘it was interesting’… sheltered life or blatant lie?

After some discussion, hunt staff decided that ‘trails had been laid’ at some point sometime earlier in the day somewhere in the area and that they would take hounds round to try and pick up on the scent (of the fox) anyway. The fox had been given a good few minutes to make his escape by this point.

Very cocky behaviour considering hunt supporters and hunt staff knew that sabs were nearby, but it shows the arrogance (and stupidity) of the hunts…

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