24th January 2020 – Ledbury Hunt

A sab from Mendip Hunt Saboteurs met with a sab from 3C.

Predictably the hunt hunted around Downhouse Coppice and came out through Glynch Farm. Now David Redvers was very upset that Mendip sab’ was “frightening the children” by concealing their identity with a mask. Ironically terriermen Tom Stokes and Ben Hughes then drove by on a quad… masked up. They then stood on a badger sett in order to chase any foxes going to ground there (still masked up). Ohhh the irony.

They drew a blank at Gadbury Bank and one poor soul was trying to break covert at Berth Hill.

Mendip’s video

At the speedway track a large round fox (pregnant?) was seen running to the road, they ran back up to the gorse. The hounds came down and crossed the road towards Foscombe. Normally they would be rated back by sabs but they were allowed to go in the wrong direction. The hunt are not allowed in that direction and abandoned any attempt to pursue that fox. The fox was back up in the gorse having saved themselves.

At Haw Bridge Mendip sab found and dealt with a hard blocked badger sett as they hunted into the meadows. Astonishingly just of the B4213 Mark made a final draw in the brambles. A fox ran past 3 C sab, hounds were rated back but the fox was hunted across the main road in the dark as the Mendip was dealing with the situation on the main road they lost that fox. Will share their post when it goes up.

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