8th January 2020 – NCH

Hounds were found hunting near Hayle’s fruit farm (where several boxes were parked). Hayles fruit juices and cider are sold all over the Cotswolds, so please consider the fact that they support fox hunting and the badger cull if you want to buy such items.

At Costcombe Corner a hunt servant was found legging it away from a sab and appeared to try and head a fox that was coming towards her. Hounds came through in full cry and were rated back with partial success. They hunted through Hailes Wood and into The Thrift where the pack split with one hunt going on in The Thrift and another back to Costcombe Corner, where it is thought that the fox may have gone to ground – they then all pulled away from the area and went back into Haile’s Wood.

Foxes are pairing up now and it is not unusual for a brace consisting of a dog and a vixen to be hunted together :(

A foot sab’ was then caught up with by stalker / hunt vice chairman, Jamie Smith, who is a bit obsessed with footpaths and his new radio which was playing the Archers rather loudly. The hunts do this (play loud music, talk loudly, make noise) near sabs to head foxes away from sabs and to stop sabs listening to where the hunt is and what they are doing.

They legged it from Hailes Wood at that point to an unknown location

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