18th December 2020 – Ledbury Hunt

*** Ledbury block a badger sett in an active cull zone * 50 plus riders all bunched together as Covid levels climb ***

A REALLY wet day!!!

First draw was up the hill at Catsbury… but blink and you would have missed it. Then over to the other side of the road (in order to draw blank) and then the obligatory romp up Limbury Hill.

Eventually huntsman Mark Melladay brought the hounds to Carter’s Grove where they did hunt a fox towards Catsbury Hill but then quickly checked in torrential rain. Over the road then to what is know by us as the Duck Shoot near Maisemore. This is where shooters kill semi-tame ducks for fun and indeed where many a shooter has been found killing badgers.

They were then found again near Rudford with one sab’ wading through water to check on a nearby badger sett (which had been freshly blocked) and unblocked by the sab to ensure that any fox could escape and that badgers could get out. Very wet weather can make the soil much heavier and more likely that badgers will be trapped when trying to dig their way back out.

This is the eight year of the badger cull and they are still free shooting in this area Gloucestershire badger cull zone 1.

Wringing out very wet clothes and preparing for tommorrow now!

Thankyou to all those who keep us on the road. Very wet and cranky cameras and radios now…

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