13th November ’21 – NCH

*** North Cotswold Hunt chase fox, kill Muntjac and block a badger sett ***

They met at Springhill and drew blank around the meet. They then ran to the quarries where the hunted a fox around there and on to Toad Corner.

At Hornsleasow a fox ran past one sab’ despite a stalker trying to head him away from the camera. The pack was stopped by the sab cracking their whip and rating them back, but they were encouraged on by hunt chairman Jamie Smith. They hunted through the farm and the fox ran a circle and was subsequently believed killed in a field at Kitehill as hounds were displaying typical behaviour upon our arrival.

The whipper-in ran in and whipped the hounds off the corpse; he threw the body over a wire fence before clambering over himself and running away. After looking the footage it is believed that the corpse is in fact Muntjac deer – at what point the hounds fully lost the scent of the fox and picked up on the poor deer’s line, we do not know. But it is yet another example of a hunt either failing in being able to control their hounds, or intentionally hunting – which is it NCH? Intentional hunting or dangerous lack of control?

One badger sett was found freshly blocked, yet another sign that someone wanted to prevent foxes from escaping during the hunt. This is in a Gloucestershire badger cull zone.

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