19th November ’21 – Ledbury Hunt

As this is Gloucestershire cull zone one, a few setts were checked for blocking and cull activity. A suspected bait point was found and some historical spade marks around old setts that are now rabbit warrens but also some setts surviving in this the 9th year of culling.

We caught up with the hunt at Dobshill farm and then they went into Gadbury Bank, an old hill fort. Hounds hunted from there across the B4208 and were seen in some gardens. The huntsman Mark Melladay tried to find the fox in some hedgerows but to no avail before taking hounds back up the B4208 and to Eldersfield.

They finished up at Pigeon House Farm in the fading light trying to find a fox first in a small covert full of brambles and then in an old shed full of brambles, they failed and went into the farm.

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