9th February ’22 – Worcestershire Hunt

Despite just being on the other side of a hedge, hunt staff failed to even try to stop the pack when some of the hounds got on to the scent of a deer. The deer ran towards the nearby road in Bradley Green, hounds on and off the scent and sab by the road thinks that hounds switched to the scent of a hare before being stopped by hunt supporters before they got to the road. Where were hunt staff? Henson (whipper-in) sauntered round casually on his horse afterwards trying to gather hounds who he had already been told had left the area several minutes earlier…

As for the rest of the meet, we’ll get in there now before pro-hunt people decide to write comments demonstrating how little they know about the activity they claim to support and show themselves up publicly: foxhounds are scent hounds. Just because there are a few minutes between a fox running and hounds following the scent this does not mean that they are not hunting the fox. They do not have to be merely metres behind the fox to be on their line. Look up the origins of foxhunting, stop showing yourselves up, it’s frankly embarassing. Many thanks!

This fox was filmed near to Bradley Green / Stock Green on the 9th Feb when the Worcestershire Hunt were hunting in the area. The pack had been through another wood nearby (just next to the nature reserve in the area) and had followed a line towards where the sab filming was standing. From this vantage point she was able to direct her fellow sab to where she thought hounds might go and this sab was able to stop hounds nearby, finding a badger sett soon after which we believe fox may have gone to ground in.

Hunt staff gathered the pack and moved them on to Gannow Wood where hounds could be heard in full cry. This fox was filmed running from the direction of the wood and towards the sab near the badger sett. A few minutes later several hounds followed the line of the fox and were stopped by a sab when they neared the badger sett – just minutes later the remainder of the pack were on the line and were also stopped when they checked (lost the scent). Hunt staff gathered them up, sat and chatted with hunt supporters for some time and then packed up ealier than expected.

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