Collaboration with Fox Hunt off Malvern Hills for Hunt Saboteurs Association article

When the deadline for sending in our group news to Howl, the Hunt Saboteurs Association magazine, was coming up, we asked Fox hunt off Malvern Hills if they’d like to collaborate on an article. And with the magazine arriving on our doorstep recently we got to see how great it looks.

They’ve done some amazing work locally of raising awareness about fox hunting with the Malvern Hills Trust who increased restrictions on the fox hunts until they suspended hunting licences towards the end of last year.

With the Hankinson verdict being the last straw for many organisations who were losing trust in the hunts, we wanted to remind people that without existing campaigns from locals and others, these landowners might not have even been aware of the scale of the issue and the necessity to take action.

Local campaigns and individual actions are powerful – if you’re taking action against wildlife crime, you should be proud!

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