Please note: We do not claim to be badger experts and refer people to the links at the end of this article and to those with much more knowledge than we possess. Please also refer to our attached sett surveying leaflet.

Badgers are very shy creatures, so please stay away from the setts as much as you can, although of course setts need a brief check. 30 metres is recommended if sett-sitting. Be careful where you pee and poo. The last thing we want are tame badgers as shooters and badger-baiters smell human too; nor do we wish to contribute to perturbation. Another reason for us all keeping to our own areas is that badgers will be disturbed less when sett checking. All in all keep a human presence at setts / runs / latrines to a minimum and if possible the same person should be sett checking so that strange scents do not upset the badgers.

Please call Vale Wildlife Hospital if you find a wounded or sick badger in Gloucestershire / Worcestershire / other nearby counties on 01386 882288 or on their emergency number 07961 413574 (from 5pm to 7am) for advice and assistance.

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