Whilst we await an article, the most important links we have for legal information in general are ‘Freebeagles‘ and ‘Outpaced

freebeagles is a non-profit collective run by campaigners for campaigners. The articles provided are equally applicable to human rights, animal rights and environmental activists.

Outpaced is an organisation dedicated to the welfare and protection of our hunted and under-fire wildlife. Our mission is to provide support for the tireless, passionate and dedicated people who regularly and routinely put themselves on the frontline of the fight to stop the barbaric and cruel treatment of wild animals.

Using expert and specialist knowledge, outpaced works to expose the criminal acts that are visited on these people that so often go unpunished. We will work with police forces and public bodies to ensure proper process is pursued and that wildlife crime is investigated and prosecuted – and we will challenge them and hold them to account when they fail to act.