Journalists will be out. Please give us a call if you are asked to speak to them or if you see them unattended. We do have someone to deal with press but, of course, have no monopoly on doing this. Speaking to the press can come with penalties career-wise unless you are anonymised, so please be aware of this. Be polite, say why you want to fight the cull if you wish, but we would appreciate it if you could pass them on to the office and let us know about their presence either way.

Journalists are welcome to get in touch and we are happy to meet with them. They will have an NUJ card (National Union of Journalists). If you are a journalist who has come out to help badgers then you are welcome, but we would expect if you were to write about / film your experiences that you tell those you are working with and not to publish anything that compromises someone’s security or without their consent.

Please keep writing letters to the press, ringing in on radio shows etc.