Experiences over the years…

These pages give an insight to our experiences over the last few years within Gloucestershire during (and between) the culls – use the drop-down menu for the various years to check out stories and pictures!

Not everyone will have the same experiences as ‘Sab X’ who wrote the following, but it shows the determination of those out in the fields!

“I have been active from the first year, in more than one zone. This has of course required a full gamut of tactics to serve multitudinous and various objectives and end results. In my efforts, I have seen and saved many badgers. I have also freed pheasants and a Jack Russell from the indiscriminate traps. I have been repeatedly pulled-over, under blues and twos, for many given causes for concern, my favourite being “having a car from Hampshire”. I have had recording equipment confiscated for lengthly periods by the police. I have been verbally and physically assaulted by pro-cull farmers and cull operatives. I have been followed in the dark by men in masks. I have been chased across fields by a man on a quad bike. I have found live ammunition on a public footpath. I have found and reported many dead or dying farm animals. I have found and reported many (strategically) over-grown/blocked and therefore conveniently impassable public footpaths and rights of way. I have traipsed countless miles, checking the countryside. Why? Because it is a moral imperative. It is a great undertaking, to defend the natural world from corporate greed. That notion gives me strength when I am scared and exhausted. Activism is the rent I pay for living on this wonderful planet. We are it – the front line, the last line of defence… Whatever term you subscribe to, just fight.”

And as for views from the ground at Camp Badger, even after 5 years…

So for a while I just sat there. Coffee in hand, just sitting there. I looked around at my surroundings at camp and all I could see were the effects this cruel cull was having. I don’t mean on the poor badgers, I mean on everyone and everything around me.

Equipment on the blink, cars on their last legs, breaking down, and the people not too far behind either. Ailments, knocks, bumps, coughs, colds all taking their toll. No doubt whatsoever it’s been a long hard slog so far. I watched people rising out of their tents, very little sleep having been had and another long, long day lay ahead. Did I hear a moan? Did I hear a complaint? Did I hear a whinge? Absolutely not!

As I sat there witnessing another day in the cull zone trickle into life all the negatives evaporated with the morning dew. It being replaced with a positivity that can only be found amongst special people and I mean special.

Boots went on, smiles went on and the uplifting effect of being around such positive people kicks in. We spend our days surrounded by cruelty and hatred. Surrounded by bitter, cruel individuals that will go to any lengths to be allowed to continue their desperately sad and murderous lifestyle.

However they will never win and I will tell you why. While we have people so full of love and compassion challenging them at every step, while we have positivity suppressing negativityand while we have these special people being out there long day after long day they will never be allowed to prevail.

So from this wet, bruised, knackered body I thank you all. Thank you for your time, your endless effort, your compassion and your endless positivity. When I’m getting a little broken and a little low you all inspire me to keep on going. You are all amazing <3

Love, light and happiness”

– – ADHK