It doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter if you are car bound. We can discuss with you what options are available to protect badgers in the zone. For example those with very limited mobility had easy access setts to look after.

Being in the field, however, is not for everyone and we are all different in what we can contribute. Without support from those who could not get to the zones we would have not been able to continue.

If you cannot get to the zones there is so much that can be done from home. We also need people to help at camp.

If you cannot get here but can get out locally, start sett surveying and mapping your local area. Badgers are persecuted across the UK, not just during the culls. Get in touch with your local sab group and / or local badger group.

Fundraising, letters to the press, research, FOI requests, sharing of information (like this note)… the list is endless.

Freedom of Information Act requests can be done through a website called ‘What Do They Know’.

If you live in or near the zones you might be able to help with accommodation, for example, or stranded activists. Help may be needed at the camps – dealing with rubbish, cooking, washing, shopping and so on.

Can you help dog-sit for someone local to you so that they can get into the cull zones? Those in the field can’t do it without support so whatever you do to help stop this cull hold your head high – you don’t have to be in the zones to make an impact!

Leafleting, stalls, demonstrations, talks, etc – whatever YOU decide.

Please keep writing letters to the press

and your MP.

Fighting the cull costs money. As roll-out continues there will be less distance for people to travel and less need for camps. However, even if you are active locally, fuel costs can be considerable. People have also taken unpaid holidays, lost their livelihoods, remortgaged their houses and racked up their credit cards over the last 5 years in Gloucestershire.

Money (both personal and fundraised) has been spent on running camps, running a phone line continuously for 4 years, keeping vehicles on the road and fuel. We have no expensive equipment as our priority is boots on the ground and enabling people to protect badgers.

In order to keep boots on the ground we have had a fuel fund for 4 years now, the money being raised by online auctions, online fundraising such as ‘gogetfunding’ for specific things such as camp, a sponsored bike ride (which also raised awareness), events such as a talk with cake and raffle, selling clutter at car-boot sales and online, etc. Organisations such as the Hunt Saboteurs Association have also helped with costs and equipment so we have been able to help others.

Without the fundraising team and some very generous donations we would not have been able to continue.

If you are able to donate towards our costs please contact us for bank details or use the following link of paypal: – please also share this link so that others can help!

Please watch the calender for fundraising events and share them if you are unable to donate.

Please, if you are going to be out in the field, think of funds and equipment early on. Friends and family have helped many a badgerist out with train fares, items such as tents, donations and services that would otherwise be expensive e.g. dog / baby-sitting.