This is cub hunting 1-10-19

Flint and Denbigh hunt huntsman shows his arse
Flint and Denbigh hunt huntsman shows his arse

Hit report Tuesday 1st October 2019Following on from being caught red handed hunting fox cubs on Saturday and also…

Posted by North Wales Hunt Saboteurs on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Hit report Tuesday 1st October 2019
Following on from being caught red handed hunting fox cubs on Saturday and also making threats to attack sabs, then cancelling their meet on Monday when sabs turned up, this morning we received multiple tip-offs that the Flint and Denbigh hunt were cub hunting in Mostyn estate in Tre-Mostyn.

As we arrived the hounds were already in thick brambles, either searching for a fox or possibly already killed one, it’s hard to say, no bloody was seen on the hounds although they were covered in mud. As the huntsman finally attempted to leave with the hounds a hunt member was heard bellowing “This way!”

It was only a couple of minutes later that hounds were in cry onto another fox. With the arrogant huntsman not attempted to stop the hounds our only sab in the field (because you know most sabs have jobs though the hunt like to bleat we’re all on the dole, despite the hunt being able to draw 20 riders midweek) had to take control of the pack. The huntsman was not amused and when the sab explained to him he needs to blow on his horn to stop the hounds hunting the huntsman defiantly said no he doesn’t.

The hunt moved into the next cover and almost immediately got onto another fox, the fox fled across the field into another overgrown wooded area with hounds right on its tail. Jay Reardon acting as whipper-in on the day was off his horse and in the overgrowth. “Your F###ed this time” said the sab “Did you see it?” Replied the whipper-in. The huntsman they radioed the whipper-in to say the fox was in front of him… The whipper had to awkwardly reply he was stood with the sab then he made some half hearted calls to leave it. The hound then went into cry in another ditch as the sab tried to pull himself through the thick overgrowth. Once again it’s difficult to say whether they killed or not.

The hunt then called for home posing for a photo for the supporters first. The huntsman then decided to show his class by showing his behind to the sab who was approaching the photo shoot. False Allegations Max then asked the sab to leave despite there being a bridleway going through the area he also claimed the sab had called the hounds onto a main road which was over a mile away, very strange considering the sab had been with the hounds in the estate since he arrived.

It begs the question what is Lord Mostyn playing at. No regard for local residents who despise the hunt. No regard for people keeping their horses on the estate. No regard for people using the riding center. No regard for the police sniffer dogs that are kept kenneled on the estate and definitely no regard for wildlife.

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