Golden Grove

Flint and Denbigh hunt Not welcomed by locals
Flint and Denbigh hunt
Not welcomed by locals

Hit report 12/10/19
5.30am and we turn up in Cefn Meiriadog in anticipation of the Flint and Denbigh hunt going out for a bit of cub hunting, but all seemed very quiet. In fact not a light on at the kennels it would seen the lazy buggers had over-slept. So we stuck around for a while maybe they were going out at 9? No. Maybe 10? No. 11 12? No…. Now we suspected it would be an evening meet so we headed off to do usual Saturday stuff, like none wildlife abusing folks do. Then we received a tip off via a member of public who had witnessed the Flint and Denbigh hunt unloading their horse boxes at the side of the road near Llanasa. This suggests they’d be hunting in the Golden Grove estate, the estate advertises itself as a luxurious B&B. We arrived at around 3.30pm and noticed there were hunt supporters parked up at the gatehouse of the estate, and not long later a police car was spotted but did not stick around, maybe they’ve made cutbacks to Operation Yarder. Sabs entered the Golden Grove estate via the Clwydian Way a well known public footpath that goes through this estate. As sabs approached the peak of the hills hounds were heard starting to go into cry in a woodland. When sabs got to the top it was clear to see the hunt were attempt to hunt foxes. Some of the hounds were in the woods despite there being a fence all around it and no access not even for a mythical trail layer. Some of the riders were stood on point around the woodland with the intention of sending any foxes that may get flushed out back towards the hounds, there were more riders surrounding some gorse bushes on the other side the bank. Possibly another fox had gone to ground there. The hunt were not amused by our presence and started the usual “you’re trespassing” and countless other false allegations, seem to be a tactic of Mightless Max and his cronies. Not going into great detail as this with need to be passed to the police to ignore but one hunt member threatened to run over a sab in his landroved. The hunt moved and and so did the sabs whilst Max continued to try intimidate and harass them despite it being a public footpath. The hunt then headed onto the road that runs between Gwaenysgor and Llanasa as the huntsman rid down the road he was sending the hounds into any wooded area at the sides of the road, once again clearly somewhere you couldn’t lay a trail even if you wanted to. Hunt riders attempted to block the roads to stop footsabs and use their horses as weapons. Hunt supporters in their vehicles also held up the traffic and tried to intimidate our drive who was on her own with our sab vehicle. Unfortunately for the hunt, sabs will not be intimidated it does not matter how hard you think you are. The hunt turned back on themselves a couple of times to try shake off the sabs but it didn’t work and now they headed back towards the horse boxes which had been left parked up on a public road. As the huntsman tried rounding up his hounds and hunt member continued to block public highways a sab was assaulted, once again we can’t go into great detail as we first have to give the yarder force cops the opportunity to pretend they are interested before doing nothing….

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Alex Flint and Denbigh wannabe hunt bully

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