Flint and Denbigh 19/10/19

Sabs move in on the Flint and Denbigh hunt cub hunting
Sabs move in on the Flint and Denbigh hunt cub hunting
Sabs move in on the Flint and Denbigh hunt cub hunting

Hit report 19/10/19

Some of our sabs took a long trip down to Herefordshire to join sabs from Welsh Borders Huntsabs and Staffordshire Hunt Saboteurs to pay a visit to the Ross Harriers who a couple of weeks ago thought it to be acceptable to assault sabs. This is not acceptable and will not be tolerated as the Ross Harriers found out yesterday when their planned meet was completely ruined. More to come in that….

The rest of us stayed local to pay a visit to the Flint and Denbigh hunt who were meeting at Cefn Meiriadog for an 8am start. The hunt appeared to have a few extra friends with them today and were using a larger pack than usual. After some aggressive tactics by the hunt last week it would seem they all recieved the memo to be on their best behaviour this week. Ant Griffiths even attempting some humour at the start asking us to stop the nonsense about his hand knitted tank top from a couple of weeks ago. But obviously he took our advice and dressed a little less clown like this week. The one in a flat cap sticking his camera in our faces squawking false allegation after false allegation didn’t say a word, likewise the usually obnoxious terrier boys. Later in the morning Trelawnyd and Gwaenysgor community councillor and chief of operation yarder turned and didn’t come near us, obviously still highly embarrassed by the 3 stitch up court cases he lost in the summer. The hunt even put some green bibs on some riders with the words “Flint and Denbigh hunt line layers” on them. They must be painting lines on the roads as they never go near the fields and definitely not laying lines in the thick overgrowth that the hounds were witnessed hunting in.

The hunt first tried to draw a woodland in the Cefn estate. A fox had been seen fleeing the woods moments before hounds went into cry. As the hounds were sent into the wood from left hand side riders stood on point on the right hand side to push any foxes that might be flushed straight back to the hounds. As sabs entered the wood with hounds in cry a deer fearing for its life had become entangled in thick brambles as some hounds also became caught up in the brambles. Nigel the huntsman made no attempt to call the hounds back despite the fact they’d clearly picked up on the scent of a fox, he allowed the hounds to carry on searching in the thick brambles for quite some time as the deer more got more stressed. It was only when he realised sabs were also in the woods that he called the hounds out, thus took a while as dome were stuck in the brambles. This seemed to set the tone of the day, hounds would go briefly into cry but would soon more on once approached by sabs. The hunt were leaving a couple of riders a bit further back who’d them move off the alert the huntsman when sabs got close. We did have a giggle as Paul Greengrass circled a wood looking for sabs, though the sabs had already left that area. We kept the hunt moving throughout the morning and they called it a day at around 11am the huntsmans face said it all. At one point a rider had come off their horse, we overheard hunt members saying the horse hadn’t broken any bones, we wish the horse a speedy recovery. It would be unfair of us not to mention the police who were unusually smiley and admitted they’d never attended a hunt before and didn’t really know what they should be doing. We stayed in the area whilst the hunt packed up and enjoyed refreshments at the Cefn community centre, obvious misuse of building and we weren’t even offered a sherry. We stuck around until the tractor had pulled out all the hunt vehicles that had become stuck in the muddy field. On the way home we found a young hedgehog out in daylight obviously not well, we dropped the hedgehog off at a local hedgehog rescue.

Thanks for all your kind donations this is out new fundraising link https://ko-fi.com/M4M215Y0G

Flint and Denbigh hunt
Nigel Cox and Jay Reardon

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