Cub hunting at Coed Coch estate.

Hit report 13/9/2022
Flint and Denbigh hunt cubbing.

This morning the Flint and Denbigh hunt met at Coed Coch estate in Dolwen, home of the Lord Lieutenant of Clwyd. It’s rather considerate of the hunt to have changed their cubbing meets to a more reasonable 8am start, and better still that for the last 3 meets they’ve forgotten to invite their terrier men (noted Smith junior was out on a quad at the opening meet, but he didn’t have terriers with him).

Unfortunately today the Flint and Denbigh couldn’t keep up with their smokescreen. The hunt slipped out the back gate of Fetherstonehaughs estate and headed up the hills. Thinking they’d lost us it was hunting like usual. When we caught up with the hunt hounds were running along the fence line adjacent to the road and the “smokescreen trail layers” were stood on-point really to send any fleeing foxes back towards to hounds (rather than being ahead laying trails like they claim). On realising we’d caught up the “trail layers” immediately got on the phone to the huntsman to alert him of our presence. Medcalf blew his horn to try gather the hounds, but some of the hounds didn’t want to know and rioted down the road, just at the same time the police turned up. Medcalf screamed at the trail layers to get away from him, as the smokescreen wasn’t looking plausible at all. After gathering most his hounds Medcalf took off and waited in a nearby fields for the rest of the riders to catch up, it didn’t take long there were only 9 of them. The hunt now had a meeting to discuss “Plan B” (as referred to in the leaked hunting office webinar).

Medcalf, Briggs and Wilby

The hunt headed along a bridleway through the woods and crossed the road, we drove around and caught all the field riders bunched together in anticipation of the huntsman who was down in a woodland flushing a fox in their direction, the “trail layers” were also now stood with the field riders instead of pretending to be laying trails. Once again they were straight onto the phone to the huntsman to tell him we’d caught up and once again he blew his horn to try gather the hounds. But by now hounds were all over the place, one hound decided she much preferred our company. The field riders took off and headed for the road, where they may have bumped into some of the hounds who were scattered on public roads, right in front of the police. We informed the officer of what he’d witnessed who told us “the hunt have said they’re going legit now”….. that’s 17 years too late and on today’s showing another pile of lies.

10 out of 10 hounds prefer sabs.

We returned our hound back to the hunt but it didn’t take them long to lose the hound again. The riders headed down a bridleway and back to Coed Coch estate to pack up. But Rob Medcalf and his 2 whippers and hounds headed in the opposite direction….. one of the whips Wilby had been sent to stand on point at the end of Coed y Parc whilst the hunt attempted to flush foxes in his direction. Wilby with all the charisma of a wet dish cloth didn’t know what to do when we stood next to him, he rode up the road a bit to try get away from us but when that didn’t work he radioed through to Medcalf to tell him the pesky sabs were ruining his fun. Medcalf shouted at Wilby to get over to the other side. By now the police had also closed in on the huntsman who was desperately trying to get a kill. By 10.30am he gave it up and headed back to the meet point.

Hound tells us how horrible the hunt are

We’re currently also out in the Cheshire badger cull zone our donations link is in the comments below. Thank for all your support.

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