Not Twitter

Want an alternative to Twitter? We recommend ...

A quick reality check. We know that so many people are using Twitter for microblogging that it may not be realistic to drop it altogether. The services on this page will all integrate with Twitter, so you can stay connected to you Twitter followers, but in a more secure way. is a microblogging site run by the Aktivix collective. You will need to get an invite to open an account. is another microblogging site. You do not need an invite to open an account.


Why we recommend them

  • Your connection is encrypted. This means your network provider cannot see the content of your updates.
  • You can automatically attach pictures or video to posts, so you don't need to hand your content to another party like twitpic or plixi.
  • Twitter or Facebook will just see the IP address of or, not your own IP address. This means that Twitter or Facebook cannot track you.
  • does not log IP addresses. It cannot tell where an update is coming from, so it cannot be traced back to you.
  • also can use the link shortener. This also does not log IP addresses, so the people who follow you and click through to you links will not be able to be tracked by the commercial services such as or services.

Find out more about microblogging

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