Help Using the Tools

Here is a quick list of some of the help pages available on this site.

Ever asked for some tech advice and been told to RTFM (Read the Fucking Manual)? Tech Tools for Activism is working positively against this kind of passive aggressive approach to technology communication.

We know that it isn't enough just to provide the tools, we also have to help make them accessible and to provide support and friendly encouragement to use them.

Here are some help pages and manuals that are hopefully accessible to all. If they don't make the grade then it would be great to get involved to create a better version of the help that exists. Where we can, we link to manuals that are created collaboratively and maintained my open communities.We actively invite you to get involved in the documentation of these tools, it's a great way to contribute if you are not a coder, and an amazing way of deepening your learning as well.   

There are links to other printed resources & workshop materials on the Resources pages of this site.