Media Production Tools


There are some great guides and tools out there letting you know how to create your own media. This material guides on hardware to strategy of using media for social change and to the specifics of how to create a podcast for distribution.

There is a fair degree of overlap between the techniques used for the different mediums but three main categories of Audio, Stills and Video are listed below with links to externat guides put together by other groups, interesting projects linked to Tech Tools, and useful software and tools to help you produce and distribute work. 

Audio Production

Software: You can check the software section of this site for more information but you should definately have a look at Audacity for simple audio editing and creation of digital audio files and Ardour for more complicated musical or longer audio documentaries. Icecast is used for streaming audio.

Projects: There are many interesting community and internet radio projects happening. One of the most interesting is the Catalyst Radio network which is working with many different Internet radio projects to create a 24 hour streaming radio station of radical content..There is also a page on this site about Streaming audio.

Guides: There is a guide on Audio Production on Floss Manuals here.

Video Production

Software: While there are some Free Software video editors being is mainly in the area of encoding video from one format to another that Free Software is most useful.This is very handy when you are getting your video ready for Internet distribution.  Avidemux is a powerful and flexible way to creating Avi and Mp4 files. HandBrake is very easy to use way to create mp4 and mkv files.

Projects: Vision on TV is a project to aggregate different sources of video and deliver great training on getting your message across.

Guides: There is a guide on Video Production on Floss Manuals here.

Photo and Image Production

Software: The Gimp is a great image editor which can do the same work as Photoshop to alter your images before sharing them. Wordpress is a system to create a website and/ or blog which can be very useful as a way of stroring and presenting your images as part of photo galleries.

Projects: is a project giving out free and secure blogs which can be use for distributing your stills.

Guides: There is a guide on using Images strategically on the Message in a Box toolkit.