Internet radio streaming

  • Thinking of running your own internet radio station for your community or just for the hell of it?
  • Want to produce a regular show and to know how to produce a regular podcast for your listeners?
  • Doing a one of event that you'd like to broadcast on the Internet?

Streaming is the term used for the mechanism of delivering live or recorded audio or video content over the Internet; in this page we talk about streaming as delivering a live stream of audio to the user.

You too can be an Internet discjokey or station manager?

Want to broadcast your own audio?

There are a few steps to be able to transmit a live stream of audio or video.

Set  up your audio system

You'll need to provide a temporary or constant stream of audio to the Internet. To do this you may need to mix together music and talk and capture it to a local computer. You may need some of the following; microphone, cd / record / mp3 deck or players, audio mixer, audio capture card.

Install some Icecast software on a local computer

It's a good idea to have one computer dedicated to encoding your stream of audio and then to transmit it to the internet. There are various different software applications that can do this. See our workshops section for more notes on how to set this software up.

Linux: Darkice is the most common and there is a graphical front end for it called Darksnow

Mac: A lot of people are using Nicecast although this is not free software

Windows: Edcast seems to be the best Icecast broadcaster for windows. There is a tutorial here.

Interesting Streaming Projects


Catalyst Radio is designed to encourage and multiply independent, DIY (do-it-yourself) and DIT (do-it-together) media production, specifically radio, as well as connect and support radical radio makers and media enthusiasts.

G.I.S.S (Global Internet Streaming Servers) is a not-for-profit loose collective of organisations and individuals who donate streaming servers for running internet radio on the net.  You can request your own mount point via their web site.  Note, this isn't very user friendly - consider making a TTFA form.


Dissident Island - Is a streaming audio project rather than a streaming service. They run a regular radio stream every two weeks, have a cool web site, are looking for content and collaborations and also publish helpful material on how to stream radio. - provides audio streaming (using Icecast) for your own Internet radio station or postcasting, and video streaming for your own TV channel.  It currently streams live content for the Cube Microplex in Bristol and Secret World Wildlife Sanctuary on the Somerset Levels.