Tech Tools for Activism (web site archive)

Tech Tools for Activism

This web site is an archive of Tech Tools for Activism, a gateway to a set of tools to help campaign and organise more securely online. These include email, email lists, websites / blogs,, instant messaging and VPN (virtual private network). We also provide online help and real life workshops on how to use these tools as well as a 32 page printed booklet.

The site is aimed primarily at activists and campaigners, but will be useful to anybody interested in protecting their online privacy and security. It is also helpful to anyone seeking alternatives to corporate online services or wanting access to educational resources in this area.

Why use Tools for Security & Privacy

If you are already using tools like Facebook, Gmail or Twitter to organise you may ask why bother using these other tools? Have a look around at some of the information on this site and you will see that much of today's online services are insecure and track what you are doing. The aim of this site is to try to make it as easy as possible to sign up and use more secure tools provided by your community.

Online privacy is a right, and  we work with others who are campaigning to preserve the Internet Freedoms we have. We are working with a wide range of different service providers to move towards some new standards called the Providers' Commitment for Privacy. This is a way of formalising some of the secure ways of providing onlice services.

You can help keep the services  promoted on this site running in a secure and non-corporate way by donating.

Tools for Grass Roots Media

Think the mainstream media isn't covering the important stories or that it's biased? We cover tools, services and tactics to help you to set up you own media production channels in a accessible and low cost way.

These tools include audio and video production, streaming media and a guide to audio hardware. We would like to like to expand this section of our site by working in partnership with other collectives.

Tools for Freedom

The tools and services we talk about are also free. There is a battle going on not only for the control of your computer but also the content that you create and for how we use the Internet. We want you to take part in this struggle and you can do this by using and supporting Free Software and the Open Web. The Open Web consists of initiatives and open standards that work to protect the relatively level playing field that the Internet currently represents, including issues of net neutrality, open standards  & open content licences.

Free Software uses open licenses and open standards that encourage certain freedoms. You can find out more about free software from,  and see our list of some of the available free software.

Check back here on this website for news about how you can support various campaigns to 'Save the Internet'.