Up-coming UK activist and outreach events


Past Events

Many of the groups and individuals involved in Tech Tools for Activism have put on events and gatherings in the past. We include them here to spark ideas and to remind us of what we can do when we pull our finger out.


HacktionLab is a UK-wide network of tech-activists that run national skills-sharing gatherings and also runs workshops and delivers short talks at festivals, events and community venues.

Since it's first event in 2008, HacktionLab has run twelve successful gatherings, including five three-day rural skills-sharing gatherings on the Welsh borders under the guise of BarnCamp.  It has also ran stalls and workshops at a number of events including the London, Sheffield and Bristol Anarchist Bookfairs, the Camp for Climate Action, the Rebellious Media Conference, the 2011 Network X Gathering and the Big Green Gathering.

Topics covered by HacktionLab are broad: from how to be anonymous on the net to renewable sound systems, from rope knots to film-making, and from building your own web site to using your mobile phone for secure communications.

If you've an event that you'd like someone from HacktionLab to come and do a workshop at, please use this workshop request form.

If you're interested in running a local HacktionLab or BarnCamp gathering yourself, please use our gatherings form, and check out their web page for advice on what's involved.

To get involved in HacktionLab and to stay abreast with the latest developments, sign up to their mailing list using this link.

Temporary Indymedia / Be the Media Centres

Indymedia Centre at G8 Horizone, Stirling, Scotland 2005Indymedia Centre at 2006 Drax Climate Camp, EnglandIndymedia Centre at 2007 Climate Camp, Sipson, England

Many of us were involved in IMC's for some of the mobilisations around the G8 & IMF gatherings. There is some information about some of the technical details of these set ups on the Hacktion Lab wiki.