Tech Tools for Activism Booklet (version 1)

This project was originally born from a workshop of tech activists worried at the increased use of corporate email and social media tools that made it easy to be monitored. We decided to put all of the other possible tools to acheive the same goals in one leaflet.

CLICK HERE for our 32 page booklet on security and privacy aimed at activists who are not techies.  We are also working with the Floss Manuals community to work on booklets, manuals and handouts for workshops. Tech Tools for Activism draws on several other books at Floss Manuals. 

Tech Tools for Activism Booklet (version 2)

You can view the development of version 2 of the booklet online now, and get involved. Contact us on the hacktionlab email list if you would like to contribute.

Workshops and Events

Please use the resources above to deliver your own workshops. All of our training material is freely available under GPL (an open licence)  for you to use however you like, so feel free to share with your friends, run a workshop based on them, modify them and/or redistribute them however you wish. If you have improved or extended the material then we’d really like to know about it so we can promote it (and get a bit of feedback too)

Feel free to contact us so that we can list your events on our events page. You may also be inspired by some of the workshops lised on the workshops page.  You also can contact us if you want us to help you deliver a workshop or course on these issues and tools.

Tech Tools for Activism Stickers

Here are some templates for stickers. Please do download this pdf. or this png file and put them to good use. Thanks!