The tech tools for activism team are keen to spread awareness of the need for privacy and the tools that we’ve developed. You can contact us if you want us to help you deliver a workshop or course on these issues and tools.

Over the last 5 years the groups involved in Tech Tools have given many workshops at the various gatherings (including the annual BarnCamps) and events we have organised and as guests at other gatherings, social centres, squat cafes etc. Until now we have been hit and miss at how these workshops are documented. However, part of the key goals for the TTFA project is to create good resources for workshops and to get out there and work with lots of projects to put these workshps on and support others to do the same.

Current Workshops

Have a look at the events page for upcoming workshops. Below we list some of the workshops that we are currently promoting. They are mostly (but not exclusively) linked to the contents of the Tech Tools for Actvism leaflet.

Basic Email Security: A summary of safer email use including how to choose an email and email list provider and how to encrypt your email using GPG technology.

Safer Internet Browsing: An introduction to using the Internet in a 'better' way to protect your identity and promote the Open Web. This includes how to mask your location and identity, how to use better search engines.

Publishing your News: An overview of publishing news to the internet including websites/blogs, microblogging and open news publishing services. We focus on anonymity and useability of tools.

Internet Radio Production: Looking at basic tools to record, edit and upload your audio. Using minidiscs, audio recorders, microphones and pcs with the Audacity eidting software.

Internet Radio Streaming: How to create a live or prerecorded radio stream using Icecast and/or Airtime software to create a radio station.

Past Workshops

If you have some time you have have a look at the wiki for the HacktionLab gatherings to have a look at the past workshops that we have the various HacktionLab events and BarnCamps including Barncamp 2011, Barncamp 2010, Barncamp 2009 & BarnCamp 2008