Ledbury Hunt: 8th January 2016

Today, Friday 8th, the hunt were back in the Malvern area with a meet in Welland. A couple of somewhat-under-the-weather-feeling sabs headed out to keep an eye on them the best we could! We knew they would probably target an area known as ‘The Stanks’ as it is a large area and they often pick up in there (indeed The Stanks has been featured on a couple of our sab videos in the past – see our Vimeo page).

They picked up early on and a fox was run to ground in a badger sett in a field, making its escape, and was left alone (we checked back on the sett after the hunt had packed up and have it on our list for future reference). Huntsman Mark didn’t look best pleased at having to leave…

Early in the afternoon one sab had gone inland as a lead hound, on its own, seemed interested in a scent and soon brought the remainder of the pack across fields to him. The sab made her presence known and the hunt pulled the hounds out of the area. On her way out, the sab heard a quad bike arriving in the area and, seconds later, received a radio message from the sab who had stayed with the car that “I’ve just had shit thrown in my face”. Obviously the terriermen were not content with the urine they threw over her in her car in Castlemorton last week! Luckily it wasn’t human waste! Other hunt supporters apologised to us for what we have to deal with…

The delicate little flowers (all 6 of them) on the quads apparently mask up to avoid nasty comments from keyboard warriors on facebook. No wonder the Ledbury have such a high turnover of terriermen. Although they seem to just be adding more and more to the pile these days and not getting rid of any. Any more and those quads really will be overloaded – they’re already illegally riding on public roads with no number plates and with 3 people on each… Probbly a good thing we’re not so scared of the odd nasty word by “the other side” or we’d never leave the house again.

We did lose them for a time, but found them as they were hunting once again. Sabs stopped the car and rated the hounds, whipper-in Tim lifting the hounds and taking them round to where they believed the fox had run (at least this gave the fox a few extra seconds to get away!) Following some silly attempts at intimidation by the terriermen, a sab ran back inland as hounds started to speak, watching them run towards a farm and with the whole pack in sight, gave a holloa a go… bringing the pack towards her and off the scent. Tim wasn’t happy and, popping out of a hedge on his horse, was going to ride at her but she stepped into the hedge and walked away.

They drew coverts until dark, hardly noticeable in the twilight on the roads… Terriermen were obviously so scared of being put on facebook that they then attempted to get into the sab car.

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