Cotswold Hunt: 26th March 2016

The Cotswold Hunt, Aylton Manor. A 3C sab met up with our freinds from Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch to spend a very wet day watching this hunt try to flee from us all day.

We arrived to find multiple hunts represented including the Heythrop, the Berkeley, some North Cots, some Croome and other ner do wells. Massive meet but they soon moved off east (being on the Heythrop border to the west) and towards the A436 moving fast when it was apparent that we were around and on towards Salperton. They drew a rough patch there an a hare ran to safety but no fox found, hounds did find a used vomit bowl,bedpan and urinal but not much else!. YUCK!

They then ran to Gazeley Wood, and on through to Hawling Lodge, fast north to Hollow Grove and Hawling Grove….then fast south back to Hawling Lodge ad a brief scuttle around Nettleton Hill wood and then fast north again to Guiting wood. We were going dizzy by this stage and then they were back in Hawling keeping on the move to avoid us rather than actually hunt. They were sabbed by the weather as wind and heavy rain had probably made a) any sane fox to be well sheltered and not likely to want to budge and b) if they had the scent would have been blown to eternity as well as washed away.

No problems except from “Ed” from the Heythrop who made a fool of himself by banging on the driver’s car window, trying his little party trick of trying to trip up one of us and by whinging about sabs who sabbed the Heythrop/Cury joint meet in Cornwall on Thursday

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